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Carpet disposal in removal disposal

Carpet Disposal & Removal


Carpet Disposal & Removal in Melbourne

Have old carpeting that you need a professional take it away? Call us today!

Top quality carpet Rubbish

We are Melbourne top rank rubbish removal company for 6 years in a row 

we have the best Custmer service the best prices and the most experience

call today and find out about our carpet removals and disposal 

We’re Ready to Remove, Recycle, or Dispose of Your Old Carpeting and Rugs

Please give us a call at 0434-799-499, For the fastest guaranteed quote for your carpet removal

POPEYE RUBBISH REMOVAL knows that carpet disposal only comes up every now and then.

When the time comes for home remodeling and renovations, we want to make sure you get fast, friendly, professional service so you can get to the next steps of your project – whether you’re having new flooring installed or taking the next step in refinishing old hardwood floors.

If it’s an emergency situation such as a flood, mold, or any other unexpected event, we know how to handle carpet removal fast. Popeye Rubbish Removal typically offers carpet removal services with less than 24 hours notice for these sudden circumstances.

Our team of Junk Removal Specialists will safely haul away your old, unwanted, or damaged carpet, allowing you to focus your energy on the next project at hand. With our eco-friendly policies, you can rest easy that we will recycle as much of the material as possible, so your project will have the smallest impact on the Earth as possible.

Carpet removal and disposal

How Carpet Removal Works

For us, it doesn’t matter if the carpet is still installed or if you’ve made it halfway through your DIY project and simply needed the carpet debris and padding hauled away – we’re happy to help either way!

Let us know how far you are on your project, and our Rubbish Removal Specialists will help make the removal process as easy as possible!


We will book a date and arrival window, text you when we’re on the way and then in less than an afternoon in most cases, your carpet removal will be complete! For carpet that’s been pulled up, it’s a much quicker turnaround.

carpet rubbish removal

Types of Carpeting and Rugs Popeye Removal Removes

  • Home carpeting

  • Office carpeting

  • Carpet padding

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting

  • Flood or water-damaged carpet

  • Fire-damaged carpet

  • Indoor/outdoor carpeting or rugs

  • Area rugs of all sizes

You don’t have to wait to have your carpet removed. Just call 0434-799-499 or book online. Popeye Rubbish Removal Rubbish Experts will schedule a time that works for you to haul away your carpet.


Does the carpet need to be removed before you come?

No, we are fully equipped to pull up carpet and padding, including the tack strips, nails, and staples. Just inform your Rubbish Expert and the Rubbish Removal Specialists will be ready with the tools for the job.

I have wood floors under the carpet that I would like to keep, can you help?

We can certainly help with carpet disposal in this scenario, but there are a couple of things to consider before you pull up the old carpeting:

  • First, we can’t be sure what’s underneath the carpet, or that the entire floor is in good condition.

  • Second, we will do our best to remove tacks, nails, and strips, but in most cases, there will likely be some holes or small marks.

  • Finally, we want you to understand that pulling the carpet is just the first step in the process… you will most likely need to invest in refinishing the original flooring, so we encourage you to factor that into your decision. 



Will you move furniture for a carpet removal project?

We would be happy to move furniture from an area that needs carpet removal. Just let your Rubbish Expert know and we can discuss our standard labor rates.

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