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hey my name is David and i post a photo of the woman who change my life!

unfortunately the beautiful woman on the photo is inside a hospital in a psych ward after I tried to do good things too bad people and I learned you always get Hurt when you have a good hart and a good family one way or the other someone will get hurt and the woman in the photo who is my wife my partner

lover my frind my joy my life got Hurt because she is much kinder than me! now im with our 2 little girls 9 years old and 3 years old so now im a mum and a dad tring to mange what left from my Business and life! because my haert is bigger then my Brin and im well aware of it but i am who i am and there is nothing i can do about it(i trid changing.but my hart always wins) we have been together for 14 years start a Business of rubbish removal in Melbourne. success have its anime. I can deal with enemies no problem i am strong my wife soul is too good. So we worked for many years and we became very successful together I will definitely won't be able to do it without her. I hired a guy french who caused only problems couldn't look in my eyes because wasn't impressing me basically bullies are just scared girls pretend to be something they're not. We had the ups and downs in life we have been all over the world we where rich we were poor but always happy I guess that's love you too much to be happy but because we got successful we got a lot of heaters. I'm going make it short I can go for for hours and hours days in months just about this man if I can even call him men. The business unfortunately on her name when this Guy started to work for us we where aware he is doing I lot illegal stuff with our trucks with our business logo all over the trucks our rubbish removal business I become an enemy to our friends to a family and she is in the hospital, it's all got to do with rubbish removal that caused people jealousy And grid the kind that will make a person ruin Woman life literally put it in the hospital and Sicord not being with her kids I have been suicidal thoughts because this guy and his friends who is working for us made Epsom big lies on top ofn all the legal stuff that they did no I don't know how the police force Warwickshire something going on can I get accused something that I can go for 25 years in prison because I want to bring the key to my truck because he didn't want to give it that's so cool managerial who is managing everything behind my back no people they take advantage of somebody sickness are the scum of the earth remind me that they make for Madison drugs guaranteed I don't worry about my business I mean down businesses since im 10 years old I worry about my beautiful wife it's finally came back from the hospital in three days ago and had an episode i never saw before. Long story short he's getting worse I will put you up photo how my woman look today I'm sure a lot of you I have tears in your eyes English is not my first language is very hard for me to write the proper way sorry buddy can understand I want one thing to be very clear yes people who did those things how do you think five steps ahead five years in the future telling lies to the police didn't have them at all because today I'm going to Queensland from all charges how was facing 25 years in prison my trackies. So no thank you oh my kids hardly walk is there don't care by walking moment and I will make this woman healthy again with and that off Love and intention and once he's back from terrible please she is in add the moment physically mentally I will have time to Deal with the cockroaches. I got a lot of hatred but how can i don't? Money I can teach 50 of those guys on my worst day my wife who I told her you took me 37 years to find you please can I nobody I think nobody can teach me I'm angry for being good let them enjoy your brand-new trucks let them work turn they can pay me all the money that they makeklater one bwayb or anther. The bottom line is I miss my wife this time this time people went way bto far and I really hope for them buy for me first did she win come through back to having that's beautiful smile on her face that was her face for 13 years never changed the last two years do you know when you see a flower dies explain ther situation

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I dont know what will happen next week or even in thr next hour all i know is that life for me was not fair and for adar even worse! i hope it will have a happy ending and evrything will come back to the way it was 2 years ago, and i an not talkingf about noney or bussunis i am talking about our lovely ADAR wife mum lover Frind partner basically everything two hours Family rubbish removal gave us a lot of good things but in the end it looks like itv took the most important thing we had.

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