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rubbish removal melbourne
rubbish removal Melbourne



We Deliver Superior Value, Service And Results


rubbish removal in Mitcham

Popeye Rubbish Removals Mitcham Most Trustworthy Rubbish Removal Company Since 1995 

We Served Tens Of Thousands Of Customers With Suburb Rubbish Removal Service! And We Are Ready To Take Your Rubbish Today!


When you need rubbish removal and you don't want to do the heavy lifting yourself we'll come and take your rubbish away for your at lowest price possible guaranteed. Save money and get immediate assistance with residential & commercial rubbish removal Mitcham. 


Book a rubbish removal now, and get your rubbish removed by our friendly removal team. Receive immediate assistance with rubbish removal, junk disposal in Mitcham, disposal of furniture, spa disposal, piano removal, or Single items from your Home or your office in Melbourne Office 

03 8522 7912 Mobile 0434-799-499.


​Whether it’s an extra mattress, couch, or a house full of I'm rubbish, or furniture we are at your service for rubbish removal in Mitcham we are at your service. Fast and reliable rubbish removal service is our priority! Our experienced team will provide you the best rubbish removal experience and leave you happy and rubbish free. 

We guarantee fast and reliable service same day rubbish removal Mitcham for a price you can afford! Prices starting from $75 per cubic meter including labour and tip charges. 


Our professional crew take pride in every job they do and will work diligently to remove your rubbish and get your space cleared out.​

Popeye Rubbish Removals is your best solution for rubbish removal in Mitcham our team is professional, friendly and fast. Efficient rubbish removal service at a fee you can afford!




rubbish removal Mitcham

We have built our business around honest up front pricing fast, friendly, and professional service. We bring along tools for Breaking Down Furniture, etc so you get maximum value for money.​​

Our prices starting from $75 per cubic meter including labour and tip charges.

If you have any questions about the price of rubbish removal we provide in Mitcham please give us a call or use the real time response we provide on our website.


When you get a quote from Popeye Rubbish Removals we will stick to that quote!

  • No changing the price upon arrival 

  • No hidden fees or trip charges

  • No hidden labor charges


Most companies might offer a quote, but then add additional fees but we give you a fair price and never change it!

Click the link for useful information for rubbish removals Mitcham


We are committed to your satisfaction. We Open seven days a week with same day service for your convenience.

Our goal is to reduce waste in landfills and recycle as much rubbish as possible. Item are separated for Donation and recycling.

We have build our Business around honest, upfront pricing and fast friendly, professional service. Request a quote today

Our extremely nice, friendly and professional team do all the heavy lifting! Just Point your finger and sit back and relax 


Our rubbish removal truck Mitcham

Popeye Rubbish Removals makes it easy to clear your rubbish, appliances, furniture, renovation and more. We are quick, convenient, and we are one of Mitcham best priced value.

Our process is simple:

1. Call us on: 0434-799-499 to schedule a rubbish removal service with a 2 hours appointment window.


2. From there, our friendly team will call you 30 minutes before arrival to let you know exactly when to expect us.


3. When we arrive we’ll provide you with an upfront no obligation quote all inclusive. When you approve we'll start removing the items


4. You’ll sit back, relax, and enjoy us doing the hard work and the heavy lifting. Then, we’ll sweep the work site and process payment only when you are completely satisfied.



rubbish removal from a house in Mitcham

Rubbish Removal Employee Training

At Popeye rubbish removals, new hires are put through a 30-day training program. Students are taught how to manoeuvre, disassemble, drive and load rubbish from your home and your office.  


Our truck setup at our training facility to train students to be able to fully pack the truck with the items from the rubbish removal sites. Our students are expected to be able to recognise obstacles and load the rubbish as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Along with this rigorous training they are also trained in the field of customer service , customer satisfaction and hospitality. After all, our goal is to achieve all expectations of our customers, but our training never stops.  We test our staff every 6 months as we are committed to being the best.


Mitcham Rubbish Removal

Popeye rubbish removals is committed to supplying our customers with the finest, high-quality service in the industry. Our mission is to eliminate the stress and worries often associated with rubbish removal by standing behind or customers and treating every rubbish removal with the same care we would give our own personal property.


Our main incentive is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.


With our rubbish removal services in Mitcham we are sensitive to our customers concerns on every removal including hoarding clean outs, and estate clearances.

If you need rubbish removed, furniture picked up, or rubbish cleared away from your home or business, look no further than Popeye Rubbish Removals.


We will remove single items, beds, dressers, sofa, mattress, couch, refrigerator, spas,  pianos or a site clear out. We promise to make you happy for choosing us.

Give us a call and enjoy our superb service and amazing prices!

Rubbish removal taken 50 m² of carpet from Mitcham
rubbish removal experts Mitcham


Popeye Rubbish Removals is your friendly neighbourhood full-service rubbish removal company serving the homes and businesses of Mitcham since 1995 with all sorts of rubbish removal.

We are rank on the (click the link for the) Top 3 Best Rubbish Removals companies serving Mitcham for 8 Years in a row.

We assure you that after calling us you will face our well trained, well behaved, and polite expert at your doorstep. (Click this link to find out the impact on the environment ).​ 


We are one of Mitcham first companies operating for over 28 Years with dedication, hard work, honesty, integrity, and affordable pricing. We work 7 days week and we have 8 different size trucks purposely built for your rubbish removal needs so no access is too small or too difficult.​ Call today and get a free quote!


Serving the Best Clients with Rubbish Removal Mitcham

Our clients
Gary peer favourites rubbish removal company
Subway use Popeye Rubbish Removals to clear out stores
Mobile gas station one of our major client rubbish removal and disposal
AIG insurance rubbish removal clients
Working with Vacho for Manny years removing rubbish

Benefits Of Investing In Professional Rubbish Removal Service In Mitcham 

Removal of Rubbish is a part of serving the nation or the environment. Wastes are segregated from the houses and thus the waste from the common people is high compared to the industries. The recycling of waste by the Australian How long last night government was reduced to 45% in 2018 in comparison with the year 2017 when the waste recycled was 45.5%. The rate of recycling was reduced in all Australia, the recycling rate for Australia was 44.7%. 

There are many benefits in the removal of wastes like you can invest in the rubbish removal and earn money by allocating a separate private group, it not only increases your investment but also improves utanyour identity among the people. The rubbish can be removed properly and safely by a 

professional rubbish removal service.

Benefits of rubbish removal service Mitcham

Turning Waste into Useful Products

The process of converting the waste into useful products is called recovery and recycle. There may be many products that can be recycled and reused. Some of them are,

Water: There is a huge amount of water polluted by the liquid wastes from the industries and factories. The wastewater is purified and is used for the agricultural process, bathroom flush, and cleaning process.

Clothes: The cloth wastes are gradually increasing nowadays, so the reuse of clothes also increased. The waste clothes are used as mats, and as the cleaning product for cars, furniture, etc.,

Wood: The waste wood products are used as raw materials for making new furniture and to generate fuel.

Glass: The waste glasses and bottles are used as the showcase material and to create a new glass product.

Better management of Time and Efficiency

All of us are throwing wastes in roadways or in the garbage in the street. It is not good to throw chemical waste in just a dustbin, it should be destroyed to keep it safe. So a professional rubbish removal team is called for the disposal of waste, that they can remove the waste safely and will dispose of it in a safe manner. It saves your time and it shows the efficiency of the waste disposal team.

Click the link To Find Out About The Five benefits Of hiring Professional rubbish removal.

rubbish removal.Mitcham


Let Popeye Rubbish Removals clear your space from the rubbish that's in your way and get back your indoor or outdoor space, residential or commercial same day full service rubbish removal.

Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, business owner or a real estate agent we will be there for you to help you enjoy your space with our local rubbish removal.


We donate and recycle everything we can

Our Full-Service Rubbish Removal Option is a great skip bin or Truck rental alternative. We work diligently to reduce, reuse, and recycle to encourage fewer landfills (click the link to fin out) and a cleaner world. We sort out usable items.

We want our service to have as less as an environmental impact as possible, so we donate as many items as possible. You would be surprised how many items we pick-up can be reused or re-purposed.

We ensure that your rubbish gets (click the link find out about) recycled, (click the link find out about) donated, or disposed of responsibly. That’s right, we recycle everything we can so there is less waste. We are a green rubbish removal company that strives to recycle everything possible!

We remove your rubbish safely, efficiently, affordably and responsibly, maximising your recycling options and minimising the burden on our landfills. We want to give you the peace of mind you need so that you can get on with your normal day-to-day responsibilities free of excess rubbish and debris.


We Serve All Melbourne, Dandenong, Frankston, Preston, Sunshine, Kew, Newport, Black Rock, Epping , Caulfield, Clayton, Burwood, Maribyrnong, MoorabbinHawthorn, Donvale, BeaumarisDoncasterCampbellfields , Elsternwick, Caroline Springs, Seaford, BerwickTruganina, Black Rock, Altona, Brunswick, CBD, Carrum Downs, BrightonLangwarrinCamberwell WilliamstownRingwood, Mornington, Western Suburbs, Eastern  Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, South Eastern Suburbs And 55 Kilometres Radios From The City Of Melbourne. Locally & Family Owned, Highly Rated & Competitive Pricing

Check all areas we work in

Useful Tips How To Rid Of Rubbish Yourself

Food waste can go in your garden bin

If you do not have a home composting system you can dispose of your food waste and scraps into the food and garden waste bin. Remember food must go in unbagged. Plastics or plastic bags, including compostable and biodegradable bags are not accepted. You can line your caddy with small amounts of paper towel or one sheet of newspaper. Learn more here.

Hard rubbish collection

Casey residents are allowed 2 hard rubbish collections a year. 

Want to book a hard rubbish collection? You can make a hard rubbish collection booking through our online form. Council also provides guidelines around what we can and can't collect in a hard rubbish collection.


Waste Disposal Directory

To help you dispose of your waste and unwanted items correctly you can search items using our online Waste Disposal Directory.

Let’s bin it right!


Detox Your Home

Dispose of unwanted toxic household chemicals without harming your health or the environment at Sustainability Victoria’s FREE Detox Your Home drop-off service. Visit Sustainability Victoria’s website for more information.

There will be a Drop Off event in Casey on Saturday 25 June 2022, including paints. Please register via Sustainability Victoria to attend.


Disposing of e-waste

Electronic waste refers to any item with a plug, battery or cord that is no longer wanted. These cannot be placed in any of your household bins and must be disposed of separately. E-waste can be collected via hard waste, dropped off at a Transfer Station  or recycled through alterative collection points. Search the most convenient option for you.

Recycling right

By using our bin services correctly, you can do your bit to reduce waste to landfill and ensure items in the recycling bins can be recycled into new products.

Check what items are accepted in Casey’s recycling bins in the waste and recycling guide.

When the wrong items are put into the recycling bin it increases the materials sent to landfill and costs council in contamination charges.

Rubbish Removal experts Mitcham


  • Popeye rubbish removals Mitcham takes virtually every type of residential and commercial rubbish (except hazardous waste). Popeye Rubbish Removals takes bulky appliances like refrigerators and water heaters and can handle huge jobs like warehouse and storage facility cleanouts. 

  • The owner of Popeye Rubbish Removals, has a trusted team around him and remains committed to responsive customer service. David explains it like this: “I have a core group of guys that have been with me for years. I could trust them with anything.”

  • Popeye Rubbish Removals recycles up to 60% of every rubbis. Similar items are grouped together in the Popeye Rubbish Removals truck so that piles can be created in the warehouse and eventually sent to, for instance, local scrap metal recyclers. 

  • All of Popeye Rubbish Removals employees are insured so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your home or workplace will be fully protected.

  • Hiring Popeye Rubbish Removals for commercial rubbish removal is good for business. Handling rubbish removal ‘in house’ can be inefficient and unsafe for your employees. An office space, apartment, or storage facility is most profitable when the spaces are leased or empty so that they can be leased quickly. Popeye Rubbish Removals helps with office cleanouts, apartment and estate cleanouts, and storage facility cleanouts. 

  • Popeye Rubbish Removals trucks are now 20% larger, and the cost savings from this efficiency are passed on to customers. 

  • Popeye Rubbish Removals can do small demolitions and enable you to get rid of things like old fencing and hot tubs. Popeye Rubbish Removals will demolish small sheds and haul them away, but the crew at Popeye Rubbish Removals cannot demolish anything connected to a building structure. 

  • There are multiple ways to book an appointment with Popeye Rubbish Removals, including calling 03-8522 7912, texting a photo to 0434-799-499, or booking online to save $20 on orders totalling more than $170.

CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE 0434-799-499
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