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We Provide The Best And The Cheapest Food Waste Collection Services In Melbourne Region

Founded in 1995, Popeye Rubbish Removal are an established, family Owen business offering food waste collection across Melbourne.

What is the best way to get rid of food waste?

Food Waste removal and disposal

Food waste:  Whichever way you look at it is a huge issue, and, on one point, there is unanimous agreement between the experts - organics, particularly food waste, MUST be diverted from landfill. Organic waste in landfill rots anaerobically and gives off methane gas, which is 21 to 25 times more damaging as a greenhouse gas (GHG) than carbon dioxide.

Some countries have already banned organic waste from landfill or, at least, made the cost of dumping it exorbitant. Australia and New Zealand are following this trend - for example, the State of Victoria increased its Landfill Levy by 100% on 01 July 2010 and by a further 45% in 2011. This further encourages food recycling. Such cost escalations are a significant burden on industry, running into tens of thousands of dollars. Many businesses are acting now to avoid these increasing costs as well as doing the right thing.  

Food waste collections from homes have become more the standard than the exception, so what should businesses do?


You might be surprised to find out how much food waste even a non-food related business can produce. Anything from coffee grounds and tea bags to lunchtime leftovers are thrown away in large volumes every day. If you’d like to do more with your business’ food waste then talk to us today about our Food Waste Collection Service.

With a fleet of modern, custom made vehicles we can collect your category 3 meat waste and food waste and recycle the waste using the latest technology. All the food waste collected by Popeye Rubbish Removal is processed in Melbourne to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Popeye Rubbish Removal
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Food Waste and Debris Removal Melbourne

We cater for any size of business whatever its waste collection needs. Keeping food waste separate from general waste will also save you on your waste collection costs.

Trust us to carry your food waste away in our trusted trucks and rely on us to recycle as much junk as possible, and not just dump them in a landfill.


For complete kitchen or bathroom demolition at a competitive price, call our family-owned and operated company.

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