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Learn about Rubbish Removal in Melbourne
 Rubbish Removals Prices Getting Higher Yearly?

On 1 July 2021, the term ‘waste levy’ replaced ‘landfill levy’. A waste levy must be paid for all wastes that are received at licensed landfills.

One of the key purposes of the waste levy is to help reduce waste. Waste levies encourage waste generators to look for ways to reduce the amount of waste they generate and send to landfill.

Changes to the waste levy program from 1 July 2021 include:

  • waste levy statements must be submitted quarterly

  • the statutory timeframe for payment of the waste levy is 64 business days after the end of the relevant period for which the waste levy is calculated

  • priority waste that is soil is no longer an allowable rebate

  • the waste recovery rebate can only be claimed for waste transferred for resource recovery within three months of the waste being received.

On 1 July 2021, the term ‘priority waste’ replaced ‘prescribed industrial waste’.

The priority waste levy aims to provide a financial incentive to encourage industry to:

  • find ways to avoid creating priority waste

  • find safe alternatives

  • expand programs to reduce waste.

To further support industry to do this, EPA reinvests money raised from the priority waste levy into EPA waste programs.

All priority wastes that are received at the landfill are to be classified. Different levy rates apply to priority wastes as shown in Table 2.


Did you know, 60 hard rubbish collections are booked in Yarra each day? That leads to over 2900 tonnes of hard rubbish being collected annually. That is the equivalent of collecting 6,500 grand pianos every year. 

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Disposing Rubbish after a rubbish removal
Garbage Factory


Reduce before you book

In 2020/21, Council collected 2946 tonnes of hard rubbish. Through our partnerships, we were able to repair, reuse and recycle more than 880 tonnes of this. 

This means that over 2000 tonnes are still going to landfill.


Booking a hard waste or bundled branch (green waste) collection in Melbourne is easy.

To find out how, either pick up the phone and speak with our friendly and helpful staff, or select your council. Most councils provide at least one removal free of charge to its residents per financial year, sometimes two. It’s best to contact your local council or our offices if you are unsure when your last collection occurred.

We accept furniture, computers, televisions, mattresses, fridges, washing machines, dryers, assorted household waste in small quantities, and other items unable to be placed in regular bins or recycling bins provided by council. Any items that can be recycled will be reused or resold or donated to charity.

If a large amount of green or building waste requires removal, then booking a rubbish removal is a more suitable idea.

Where and When To Put Hard Rubbish for Removal

Waste needs to be placed in the appropriate spot as directed by customer service staff. These items are only to be placed out the week end prior to your collection week, not any earlier.

Despite this effort, more than 2000 tonnes of hard rubbish is still going to landfill every year. 


With the amount of waste increasing, we are asking residents to consider some alternatives. These include:

  • Taking good quality items to your local op shop. If you don’t have a car, the items are too big, or you have limited mobility, many op shops can also organise a collection.

  • List the item for free on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

  • Take your broken items to a local repair café or men’s shed to keep using it.

For more information on where to repair, reuse or recycle items, visit Yarra’s Zero Waste Map. This includes:

Every little bit that you donate for reuse or recycling before a hard rubbish collection will help reduce what is sent to landfill. These are steps we can all take to build a more sustainable Yarra.

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