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Furniture Removal And Disposal Services Melbourne 

 Melbourne Furniture Rubbish Removal Services

From Sleeper Sofas to Box Springs, We Can Remove All Of Your Old Furniture With Our Same Day Rubbish Removal

For a quote for your furniture removal, please text photos or call 0434 799 499 or email and our team will be in touch with you shortly. 

Whether your old couch has seen it’s last movie marathon, you’re upgrading to a larger mattress, or you’re moving and you don’t know how you’re going to fit your old furniture in your new place, Popeye Rubbish Removals can take care of your furniture removal quickly and efficiently with same/next day service (Though we highly encourage advance booking for moving at the end of the month – we book up FAST and, would hate for you to miss out!)

The Melbourne area and suburbs have varying ordinances on how to handle furniture disposal and other bulk item disposal.

Long story short, leaving it in the alley/curbside will probably lead to issues, fines, or extra costs with your property manager or local jurisdiction. 

We also know that many times your old furniture we’re removing isn’t truly junk, and it could happily go to someone who needs it. In order to benefit the environment and those in need, we are proud to say that we rehome and recycle as many items as possible.


Items are evaluated and brought back to our warehouse for distribution, rehoming, and recycling. 

Our Junk Removal Professionals make it easy and worry-free to get rid of your old couches, dressers, sleeper sofas, box springs, desks and more. We have seen it all from multi-story walk ups in the City of Melbourne to the garages of all Melbourne suburbs.

Furniture removal and disposal

How Furniture Rubbish Removal works:

Text us photos of your furniture and we can offer a guaranteed quote. After that, you don’t have to lift a finger other than to point at your junk!


We will do the rest – Really, we have you covered.  We’re out all over Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs daily, and most of the time we can offer same day rubbish removal or next day pick ups if you’re in a time crunch!


All you have to do is reach out, and our team of Rubbish Experts will do the rest – booking an arrival window that works for you and helping you get a guaranteed price estimate! 

On the day of pick up, our crew will text you when they’re 30 minutes out from your property, and we will be sure to keep you in the loop if there are any delays due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances.


When the crew picks up, most of the time it’s WAY quicker than you expect (remember we are Rubbish Removal Specialists with 25 years of experience, and many of our employees are career Removal Specialists.


We’re lucky to have them!) We will only take payment once you approve of our removal work and the area looks like it was never there.


Our team will have a tablet ready for credit cards, check, or cash. No need to run to the ATM! After that, really all that’s left to do is feel Popeye Rubbish Removal, and enjoy your new decluttered space! 

Furniture We Pick Up:

Living Room Furniture Removals:

  • Couch Removal

  • Sofa Removal

  • Sleeper Sofa Removal

  • Futon Removal

  • Loveseat Removal

  • Sectional Sofa

  • Entertainment Centers

  • Large, Big screen projection TVs

  • Stereo Consoles

Bedroom Furniture Removals

  • Bed and Bed Frame Removal

  • Mattress Disposal

  • Box Spring Removal

  • Dresser or Chester

  • Armoires or Wardrobes

Dining Room

  • Table Removal

  • Chair Removal

  • China Cabinets

  • Buffets

  • And More!

Popeye Rubbish Removals

If you still have questions, feel free to read the FAQs below specifically focused on furniture removal jobs.

I am outside of the City of Melbourne, do you service my Suburb?

We service all of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. On a daily basis, we are out working in cities like Dandenong, Monash, and Stonnington. Feel free to Live Chat or call a Junk Expert, and they will gladly check your zip code to help you!

What do you do with the furniture?

We recycle and rehome as much of the furniture we receive as possible, but it’s important to understand that pet damage, need for reupholstering, and other excessive wear/tear usually causes a couch to require proper recycling.


You’re getting rid of your old couch for a reason, right? We do our best to rehome items, but some items are too worn for reuse. For more info, take a look at our donation page. 

We don’t know how the furniture got through our doorways? Can you get it out?

If it made it in, we can get it out! Even if this requires some creative disassembly, our crew of Removal Specialists have the skillset to remove your furniture out of your home without damaging your doorways, walls or floors. 

My items for removal are in the basement, 2nd/3rd/4th floor, etc… and they are REALLY heavy. Is that a problem and does this affect the price?

We have taken sleeper, sectional sofas out of 5th floor walk ups, so we promise you can’t scare us away. Please just inform our Rubbish Expert of the situation so they can let the crew know and we can bring the proper tools for the job.


As for pricing, you will still get a guaranteed quote from your Junk Expert and we will stick to it. 

Do you accept Drop offs?

We do not accept drop offs.

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